The Next Big Rapper Out of Dublin On The Meaning Behind His Tattoos

Each tattoo represents a chapter in the rapper’s life, even the ones he might regret.

By: Jodi Taylor
Photography: Ben Ritter
Director: Ben Ritter
Producer: Monique Kamargo

300 Entertainment artist Rejjie Snow has been on a steady rise since the drop of his EP Rejovich in 2013 and he confirmed last night with the release of his debut album Dear Annie, that he is here to stay. The album was released in three parts, making last night’s midnight release the final installment of the 20-track album. The album, which is an “ode to everyone in my life, particularly my love life,” explains Snow, is bound to strike a chord with many as the 23-year-old artist croons about love and relationships.


Growing up, Snow immersed himself in Dublin’s underground graffiti culture, which is where he first fell in love with hip-hop and rap. “Graffiti served as a soundtrack to my youth,” he reminices. “I remember my first introduction to hip-hop was from a graffiti writer. I pay a lot of homage to that time in my life.”

Another way the rapper pays tribute to significant moments throughout his life is by etching meaningful words, symbols, and portraits on his skin. When Snow stopped by Coveteur HQ we had him walk us through each piece of artwork—like his most sentimental, an ode to his mom (bless), and the tattoo his friend gave him in the middle of a party—to help us paint a picture of his musical and life influences.