Hailey Baldwin Knows Exactly What to Wear to a Friend's Wedding

She looked really good—without upstaging the bride.

By: Samantha Sutton

While were always looking for excuses to get fancy, finding the perfect outfit for a wedding can sometimes be tough. Theres a good chance anything white is out, so youll have to cut those from your options, and showing up in sequins might just piss off the bride. Perhaps the perfect problem solver is celebrity inspiration. Even as guests, they tend to dress to impress, but also make a note of not upstaging the bride.

Most recently, Hailey Baldwin wore a simple silver slip dress for her friends big day, which she completed with drop earrings and a choker. But if youre looking for something less It girl and more classic, weve got plenty of options ahead.


Celebrity Wedding Guest Outfits

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