Here's What Michelle Obama Wore For Her Last Walk Through the White House

The First Lady's bell-sleeved top is more meaningful than you think.

By: Samantha Sutton

After eight years, Michelle Obama is likely used to making history. Her speeches will be quoted (or plagiarized) forever. Her designer gowns will be displayed in museums. So when she took her last-ever walk through the White House, we're betting her outfit wasn't just something she threw on. It needed to be special—polished but fun, trendy but classic. And a bell-sleeved top couldn't have been more perfect.

If anything, the piece is Mrs. Obama, summed up in a shirt: while it's formal, the details make it above-average, able to stand out in any crowd. Michelle wasn't the typical first lady—she was powerful, and inspiring, and we'll miss herTerribly.

We'll consider this last little style tip the perfect way to say goodbye (for now).