24 Hours With

24 Hours with Coveteur Co-founder Stephanie Mark

How she packs and preps (on top of her 9-to-5) for traveling between time zones. In collaboration with Kit and Ace.

By: Noah Lehava
Styling: Alicia Cesaro

On the off chance that you haven’t been following Coveteur’s rhapsodical rise over the past couple years, it’s been quite an epic trajectory. Take, for instance, how we’ve opened a new office in SoHo, launched a glossy coffee table book (out now! Run, don’t walk), and gone into more spectacular closets than ever before—all in five short years. And as you can imagine, when you’re like our co-founder Stephanie Mark (and have been at the helm since day numero uno), you’ve had to refine and calibrate your ever-hectic days to fit it all in. So we turned the lens on her to show you what a typical day in the life of a Cov-exec is really like. Hint: It includes Golden Girls and a wardrobe full of essentials to get to every event possible, even across time zones.


6:30 AM:
I get up at 6 or 6:30 in the morning, roll out of bed and go to the gym. I try and go four to five days a week to either Modelfit or Dogpound.

7:30 AM:
I typically go to the gym with my friend Nadia. So after we’ve worked out, we always go to Champion Coffee in the Bowery Market. I like to think that the coffees are a treat for working out—in the summer I’ll have an iced matcha latte (I think it’s the best one in the whole city). They use macadamia nut milk. Or, in the colder months, just a regular coffee.


8 AM–9 AM:
Once I get home, I’ll shower and start getting ready for work. While that happens, I’ll put on The Golden Girls to play in the background.

9 AM:
Before I leave for the office, I like to sit at my desk at home and go over my day. I make sure I have everything I need for any meetings and go over my notes. I like to have a clear vision of my day before I leave the house.

9:20 AM:
Although we travel to amazing places, honestly, my favorite place, in terms of work, is being in the office with everyone—even though I think I’m the biggest distraction because I want to talk about girl stuff, current events, and what everyone’s doing, so I have a really good time.


11 AM:
Normally I have two to three meetings a day, and a lot of the time those are with clients or prospective clients, so I spend a lot of time in Uber going around town. When I’m in the car going from meeting to meeting, I’ll FaceTime my family to see where my 18-month-old nephew, Noah, is.

12 PM:
If I’m going to a lunch meeting, I love going to Freds at Barneys uptown. It’s cliché, but I’ll get the chopped salad. The chicken soup on the menu is also really good—they say it cures the common cold and because I’m always traveling and always sick, it’s a really good option for me.

1:30 PM:
I’ll try and go back down to the office for a couple hours to be with the team.

4:30 PM:
If I’m traveling, I like to go home before, instead of bringing my stuff to the office.


5 PM:
On this particular day, we’re going to Dallas for our book tour. I like to pack the night before, so I will have everything laid out and ready to go. I used to really overpack, and now I try and pack as little as possible. Once I’m back home after stopping by the office, I’ll try and go over everything one more time.

I go over my full schedule and pick out outfits for certain events instead of putting a bunch of things into a suitcase and saying I’ll figure it out once I get there. Because we travel so much, traveling light is really important. I try and have pieces that are transitional and that can be worn to more than one occasion. I have these black Kit and Ace pants that I really like wearing—I can wear them day to night, and I’ve even worn them on the plane. They’re super comfortable. I used to pack and repack all of my cosmetics and toiletries, but now I just have a second set of everything ready to go in a big freezer-sized Ziploc. The more crazy stuff, like shoes and bags, is where I show less restraint.

5:30 PM:
I try and pack my own snacks—really exciting stuff, like protein bars or almonds—because I like to avoid eating at the airport.


6:30 PM:
I’ll take an Uber to the airport. I like to leave myself a substantial amount of time, just because New York traffic is so terrible. I used to always leave for my flight at the last minute, but I really hate that feeling of panic, so I’ve just come to the realization that leaving 20 minutes earlier than you think you need to leave is probably a good idea.

7:30 PM:
I’ve probably purchased 50 iPhone chargers at the airport because I always forget to pack mine. It’s so funny because I’ll have pre-packed bags with cords in them, but it’ll be two weeks before and I want a phone charger, so I’ll take it out of the cord bags thinking that I’ll remember to put it back in. I don’t. So I’m always shelling out money at the airport for iPhone chargers.


8:30 PM:
I’ve really tried to make an effort to start reading more books. The airport and airplane have been really good places to get into books again. I know I’m really late to the game, but I just read Girl on the Train, and I was like, “this book!” And everyone’s like, “Yeah, welcome to three years ago,” but I really liked it. I just also read The Girls, which was really great. I’m currently reading When Breath Becomes Air. I used to find airport travel really stressful, so now I’m trying to re-jig it to make it more enjoyable— leaving myself more time, dressing properly so that I’m not going to be cold. I can catch up and do the things that I don’t normally get to do because we’re so busy with work.


10 PM:
I always get so cold on planes and I hate using their blankets. I have this really big sweater-shawl-wrap from Kit and Ace, with fringe, and wearing that to the airport and on the plane has been my savior.

10:30 PM:
I will buy the biggest water bottle possible before I get on the flight to stay hydrated, even if it means having the aisle seat because I’m going to the restroom every five seconds. It makes a huge difference. Applying something like Sunday Riley’s Good Genes, that helps my skin but isn’t a full-on face mask, is a little skin savior. I try and relax, read or watch a movie. The plane is also a good excuse to do things I wouldn’t normally do. If I’m lucky enough to fly business class, from Toronto to L.A., Air Canada has these warm chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream, which are delicious. Then, I try to sleep before landing.