Krystle Rodriguez

Wardrobe Dresser. New York.

By: Emily Ramshaw

Tenuous relationship with the actual industry aside, there’s no denying that Kanye West’s impact on fashion is real. Step inside any fast fashion store of your choosing, and you’ll see for yourself: virtually every mannequin could double as a model on his Yeezy runway show, and there’s likely some iteration of an ‘I Feel Like Pablo’ tee in there somewhere. Which is why, when we learned stylist Krystle Rodriguez had been accompanying the rapper on his Life of Pablo tour, everything made perfect sense.

It’s worth noting that Kanye’s not the only one entrusting Rodriguez with his iconoclastic style—when it comes to dressing, she’s someone Pharrell hits up, too. Yes, the same one who wears vintage Vivienne Westwood hats and Céline sneakers and calls A Bathing Ape’s Nigo a close friend and collaborator. We have yet to see him in something that he can’t pull off. He might even be deserving of that hackneyed label, “style icon.” Agree with us or not, you have to admit that should Pharrell ever compliment someone else’s style, it means something (it did to Rodriguez—she considers it a career highlight).

Maybe the most pressing item to address is how exactly Pharrell wound up complimenting Rodriguez in the first place. The Bronx native has one of those secret fashion-meets-music job you’ve never heard of before. Hear us out: Rodriguez travels the globe with major world tours (like Pharrell’s Dream Girl tour or Madonna’s MDNA tour—yeah she’s worked on both), dressing its stars, dancers and other performers. We’ll wait as you go ahead and add that to your list of dream jobs.

Anyway, back to the whole compliment—that being Pharrell’s pronouncement that Rodriguez has “impeccable style”. By the time she’d told us this particular anecdote, we were already knee-deep in Rodriguez’s truly envy inducing closet. Let’s just say the woman straddles that oh-so-desirable line between Céline and Supreme—but actually. And she wears it (that and CHANEL, Hermès and Prada) in a way we never knew we wanted to. So we’ll stand by our Pharrell pronouncement, because, if anything, we know the man recognizes great style when he sees it.