Katherine Ormerod

Editorial Director, Lyst. London.

By: Laurel Pantin
Styling: Laurel Pantin
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

If you looked up the word “charming” in the dictionary, we’re 99 percent sure you’d find a picture of Katherine Ormerod. She’s just...so terrific! We dare you to read her interview and not want to ring her up immediately.

The editorial director at Lyst.com grew up between London and Bavaria, Germany (she owns a dirndl and actually wears it—according to her, it’s “great for the bosom!”—can you see why we love her?) and now calls the lovely Maida Vale neighborhood of London home. But to be sure—she’s charming, not cute. Because despite claiming to be a “small lass,” she likes her clothes foxy, and she has—for lack of a better word—balls. Having started her career at Matchesfashion.com and The Sunday Times, she packed up and moved to Cape Town. After that, she worked at Grazia before landing at Lyst, where she oversees all of the online retailers editorial content.

As we sat in her living room and talked about, oh, everything (apologies here to the girl who transcribed the interview—it ran long), we learned about everything from the best eyeliner available (it costs less than your coffee, BTW), how to eat toast like a bad-ass, and her advice for packing up and moving abroad. Actually, it’s some of the best general advice we’ve ever heard; “[If it doesn’t work,] youve given it a go and it’s better to have tried than to have regrets about never having given it a go.”



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