In 60 Seconds

How To Create A Dating Profile in 60 Seconds

Right swipe, match, chat, and repeat.

By: Noah Lehava

If we were to count how many tequila-fueled nights with friends we’ve spent passing around our phone to get help with our Bumble profile edit (it’s a thing), it would be pretty fucking embarrassing. So we won’t. Instead what we will do is compile all those little nuggets of advice into one totally comprehensive list of what we think is the best way to build out your online dating profile. A little hint: it’s about balance. Just read on and you’ll get it. Happy swiping, friends.


1. Mystery is key

Do not fill up your photo quota, whatever you do. We don’t know why, but it’s science. Pick three or four extra good ones, like...


2. ...Using Pictures With Your Cute Friends

You are the company you keep, right?


3. Pick Good Pics

Sounds obvious AF, but if you’ve ever been on one of these apps, you’ll understand that image quality is lacking for the majority. It’s 2016, so take a fucking good photo. Post it. Done.


4. Something Active/Adventurous

Speaking of good pics, try to choose at least 1/4 that is of you doing something fun. Travel shots are great and ones where you’re doing something athletic or fitness-y are pretty appealing too.


5. Smile

Not only do you want to look happy but a good smile showing your teeth is hella attractive. Good teeth are like a fetish or something...JK.


6. No Bio

This is a consensus amongst Cov staffers, let us tell you. Nothing. Keep this space blank. You’ll charm them with your super clever, totally hilarious texting, and later in person, of course.


7. Be Weird

Get crazy. You’ll just have to get over yourself and say silly shit that will get their attention. Another Cov team member is known for her opener: ‘hey ‘Blank’, how’s it going’. Punctuation (or lack thereof) is essential, so NO question mark. Because you’re too busy, you have better things to do, and you’re super cool so you don’t put too much effort into your convo—but you’re thoughtful enough to use his/her name.