How to Refresh Your Social Feeds in 60 Seconds

All the Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter accounts you need to follow now.

By: Chelsey Burnside
Illustrations:: Meghann Stephenson

If all 236 white-and-bright Instagram feeds you followed back in October 2015 are giving you glare, that Snapchat comedian you loved has been sponsored by what is either a tooth–whitening tray or a questionable contraceptive, and your Facebook has been overrun by underage relatives discovering Smirnoff, it might be time for a feed cleanse—or at the very least, a rejuvenation.

Every so often, it’s time to say out with the old—sorry, Kanye—and in with the new snaps, instas and posts (and no, that’s not a breakfast cereal). Here are all the accounts to follow to freshen up your feeds in the next minute.
Sixty seconds on the clock...



Sssleep (@alwayssssleep):

Bedspiration for those with discerning taste in cozy (read: chunky knit throws, impossible views, and an Affenpinscher for good measure.)


Gisele a Go-Go! (@giizeleoliveira):

A Brazilian model, for when you want to feel great about yourself.


Jill Lansky (@theaugustdiaries):

A Canadian girl with a strong basics game and an excellent lob. (What can we say? We’re easy to please.)


Trevor Wheatley (@treverferever):

An artist who makes the most incredible 3D letter installations, some of which you may have posed under at a music festival or two.


Fashion Dads (@fashiondads_):

Because we can’t even say the name—let alone get through a caption—without laughing out loud.


Britney Spears (@BritneySpears):

Because she’s a pop princess who doesn’t give a flying fork about filters, the occasional Chicken Run smile, or the inherent taboo in posting a screengrabbed Google image of corn on the cob.


Joel Strong (@mydaywithleo):

Famous people’s heads cut out and held over real people’s bodies. That sounds very unappetizing. Just… you’ll like it, okay?


Palisociety (@Palisociety):

For staycation-spiration of the non-hotel-motel-Holiday-Inn variety.


Caroline Donofrio (@carolinecala):

Blogger Joanna Goddard’s right-hand woman has a cute pup and does a solid sassy caption. Sold.


Overheard LA (@OverheardLA):

“Everyone here is physically healthy and emotionally unstable.”


Drake On Cake (@DrakeOnCake):

Drake lyrics on cake. And that’s all you need to know.



Greta Varlese (gretavarlese):

True story—after following this model we added “Greta” to our Evernote list titled Names For Our Future Children.


Jenny Bird (jennybirdsnap):

Behind the scenes of the jewelry designer’s ear cuffs and cage collars (PSA: you’ll want everything).


Kristie Dash (kristiedash):

The Allure digital beauty editor (and former assistant to Eva Chen) with Cali-girl dream hair and a funny-girl eye for mop dogs and bedazzled brows.


Sophia Amoruso (sophiaamoruso):

Content that’s equal parts Girl Bo$$y and attainably entertaining.


Claire Marshall (heyclairehey):

Pretty much the only girl who makes us want to run out and get a smattering of off-brand arm tattoos, pronto.


ClassPass (classpass):

Daily fitspo from one of our not-so-secret workout weapon.


Girls (girlsHBO):

Wardrobe sneak peaks and behind-the-scenes scenes, so you can casually predict Marnie’s next outfit and everyone will just think you’re really good at this.


Harper’s Bazaar (harpersbazaarus):

Mainly because of their custom emojis (leather moto jacket, always).



Rachel Syme (@RachSyme):

We love a funny chick who appreciates the finer things in life (like the Full House reboot, Flossie Dickey, and the sheer lunacy of using the dash in teen-ager).


Seinfeld Current Day (@Seinfeld2000): 

Seinfeld conversations reimagined as though the show was never cancelled.


Jazmine Hughes (@jazzedloon):

She’s an associate editor at the New York Times Magazine. She is also probably younger than you. ‘Nuff said.


Shelby Fero (@shelbyfero):

A millennial comedian with Twitter fame and no chill (and we wouldn’t have it any other way).


Stella Bugbee (@stellabugbee):

Real talk from the editorial director of The Cut with the best name in the biz.


Rachel Handler (@rachel_handler):

Drop everything and read her Grease Live recap. And her Mary-Kate Olsen wedding recap. Just read it all.




Pitch-perfect sass and the news you actually want to know. For instance, did you know Questlove had designed a line of $900 Lazy Susans? No? Time to get informed.


Lenny Letter:

Like wheat beer, Kylie Jenner’s snaps and various trendy condiments, some of the best things in life are unfiltered. Lena Dunham’s newsletter will provide endless fodder for brunch-table conversation.


Domino Magazine:

Yes, we do want to know how they’d style the Gilmore Girls’ house, thankyouverymuch.


Amy Schumer:

The reigning queen of 2015 just gets Facebook (and you want to be the first to see those semi-contentious joke shots before they #breaktheinternet, right?).


W Magazine:

That Gigi Hadid parody video though? Genius.


The Coveteur:

Shameless plug, we know. But who doesn’t want to wake up to Louboutins?