Fatima B.

Stylist. New York

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

Oftentimes, after a particularly good shoot, we leave hoping something will have rubbed off. Whether that’s the subject’s amazing style, inimitable cool (we mean, you can’t really fake that—we know you know what we’re talking about), work ethic, or, you know, even just some of their stuff (is that a Ruby Sterling for Raf Simons coat rolled up in our bag?!). Usually it doesn’t though and the pictures are all we’re left with, but trust us when we say, the above all applies to Fatima B.

We kind of knew from the beginning when her pictures showed up in our inbox through a very fortuitous connection that she would be one of those. We mean, the woman styles the likes of Nicki Minaj, The Weeknd, Swizz Beats and Wiz Khalifa among many others (she’s responsible for that polka dot white fur coat on Wiz’s O.N.I.F.C.’s album cover; also The Weeknd’s recent cover of Rolling Stone, so there’s that). Our assumption was that she would have some goods, closet-wise, and, um, we were right (self-congratulatory back pats all around).

Fatima knew exactly what we were looking for when we arrived at her Harlem penthouse. Let’s just say we speak the same language when it comes to an obsession with Alexander Wang (bags, jackets), Tom Ford (probably the best lace-up heels ever) and Saint Laurent (clutch, shoes). And like… everything else in her wardrobe. The woman also knows how to rock a Thakoon puffer jacket or a pair of Stella McCartney overalls as well as she does a fur coat. When we left, she was on the phone with Young Thug and about to head to the Alexander Wang show—and then she was flying to L.A. to dress a very special guest for the Grammy’s. So you kind of get why we wished some of Fatima's, um, coolness to rub off on us, right?