Game Night

Bonfires, poker and all the late-night karaoke

By: Noah Lehava
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

It was by our second day that the remaining guests had all arrived from every corner of the world. And as the desert sun started to set over the mountains that surrounded the Amangiri (wait, did we mention that we were surrounded by so much nature?) guests ushered their way onto the terrace for an evening BBQ. It wasn’t until everyone had their fill of the spread and were onto their second (or third, or... we’ll keep that our little secret) cocktail that things got real. As in, people started huddling over blackjack tables, the karaoke machine was booted up—and we’ll be totally honest, from then on, there was a non-stop show—and groups of friends all cozied up in gaggles of laughter well into the wee hours of the night. It was kind of the most infectiously fun night we’ve ever had.