Imogene Barron

Imogene Barron

Stylist; Publisher; Creative Director. Los Angeles

By: Emily Ramshaw

Here’s a recipe you know will work for us: take one Australian stylist with a CV that reads like a hit list of indie Aussie pubs (Oyster, Dazed & Confused Australia) and move her to a bungalow in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. Add that to said stylists penchant for creating bleached-out, imagery featuring Tumblr-perfect versions of Jessica Hart and Bambi Northwood-Blyth, on top of launching her own highly addictive periodical, the totally-not-junk Junk Magazine. Cov dream girl or Cov dream girl? We thought so.

If you still haven’t caught onto the fact that we’re talking about Imogene Barron, allow us to enlighten you, because when she finally gave us the proverbial keys to the aforementioned bungalow, we were kind of like kids in a candy store. Guys: this is the woman who styled and creative directed Miley Cyrus’s metaphorical middle finger to Disney (a.k.a. the album cover of Bangerz). She’s also had her hand in her fair share of fashion films for the likes of Adidas, Dazed & Confused and Dion Lee. And like fellow Aussie Northwood-Blythe, she’s designed her own collection for Stance Socks. All the cool kids are doing it, okay?!

And you can bet Barron’s wardrobe was exactly reflective of her styling aesthetic. Think flame embellished Jeremy Scott for Adidas pool slides, lots of Dion Lee and Ksubi (gotta represent, right?), lots of shiny Acne Studios pieces that we easily could have walked out with and a plethora of totally enviable vintage t-shirts. The stylist is fully an Angeleno, now though. “On a whole I find Los Angeles more inspiring,” she told us. “This city vibrates on such a different level, so many different walks of life. Always expect the unexpected around every corner." With that said, we kind of get how she fits right in.