Video: How to Win at Street Style

Resident Phil Oh favorite Rajni Jacques on accidental hits and instinctual style.

Now that we’re in the thick of New York Fashion Week, we think you’ll all agree that there are more than a few instances around Lincoln Centre (no show invitation, no problem—there’s show enough outside!) when the looks attracting the (many) lenses constantly at the ready are more costume than, well, style. We mean, sure, zebra stripes paired with metallic leather and lace bunny ears are definitely eye catching, but it’s the women heading into the shows who manage to pull off the near indiscernible qualities of real personal style that we’ll admit we admire most. You know: while their ensemble might be unexpected (it might be spiked heels paired with cashmere sweatpants, or maybe it's a nylon anorak with a flowing silk skirt), they look decidedly comfortable in their own skin... or, rather, outfit, as it were.

So we weren’t surprised when Rajni Jacques, formerly of Glamour, now writing for Yahoo Style (majorly revamped and glossy thanks to a considerable editorial injection courtesy of Joe Zee), told us that her secret to a great street style moment was dressing according to exactly how she’s feeling on the given day. And she would know—the editor has long been a ‘Best Of’ gallery mainstay. The takeaway? Don’t question your sartorial instincts—and just like Jacques, you too might be stalked by a flock of photographers on your walk into a Paris show (or just the local bodega).