Olivia Munn’s Five Favorite Things

Her entire closet is one of her faves and we totally sympathize

There’s something about Olivia Munn, you guys. We mean, we like to think of her as the girl next door in an Elisha Cuthbert circa 2004 way (and we’re totally Emile Hirsch in this situation), as in the girl who’s totally approachable and cool and BFF-able, but ultimately way, way too beautiful to actually be the girl next door. Then again, the actress and Aaron Sorkin acolyte is an self-professed nerd and obsessed with comic books and superheroes and Star Wars—what can we say, we have a weakness for girls with a little more than meets the eye. So you’ll get that Munn’s necessities are just as indicative of her down-to-earth attitude. And Olivia, we’re totally on the same page with the whole “entire closet” thing. We mean, come on, when we’ve been building it for as long as we have, it’s not like we can pick just one.

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