Sally Perrin

Creative Director, Perrin Paris. Los Angeles

By: Emily Ramshaw
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

If there are two cities that most encapsulate the two sides of The Coveteur coin, it’s Los Angeles and Paris. Sure, New York is our second home and London releases our inner party girl, but Paris and L.A. are like our opposite ideals. One is refined, chic and full of famous couture houses and enough decadent carbs to make even the most Paleo among us turn to the patisserie. The other is relaxed, cool and full of the world’s biggest stars and enough green juice to keep us nourished (and never bloated) until our dying day. There’s that old theory that opposites attract—trust us when we say that Paris and L.A. have never come together as gloriously as with Sally Perrin.

The creative director of Perrin Paris lived in the French capital with her husband Michel (his family started the historical label as a tannery and glove manufacturer way back in 1893) for 10 years before they moved to La-La Land, where they relaunched the brand with designer handbags. Upon arrival at their West Coast home, there was no doubt in our minds that the couple has settled into the whole L.A. lifestyle thing pretty swimmingly, what with their awe-inspiring oh-so-SoCal mid-century modern Victor Gruen-designed house—think a mostly-glass bungalow straight out of a ‘50s Vogue editorial—and their palm tree-encircled pool. Oh yeah, and they’ve gone to Burning Man. Twice. You kind of get that they’ve really immersed themselves in that whole “hang loose” L.A. vibe.

But there were a few instances where it was more a case of while you can take the girl out of Paris, you can’t take Paris out of the girl. Take Perrin’s collection of custom made python skin stiletto booties—we mean, it’s the kind of très chic move that only a Parisian cobbler could support, no? (We’re guessing Perrin has hers on speed dial.) The woman’s whole shoe wardrobe kind of had us swooning, to be honest—it was all we could do not to stealthily try on her Fendi, Margiela, Roger Vivier and Givenchy strappy sandals. But her hybrid, best-of-both-worlds style is the most obvious in the designs of her Perrin Paris clutches: they have just enough Paris wit and L.A. glam to be absolutely perfect.


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