Suki Waterhouse

Model, Los Angeles


Every now and then you find yourself trolling (read: Monday morning procrastinating) the Style.coms and WWDs of the world when some big-eyed, pouty-lipped, disheveled-haired babe shows up alongside Alexa Chung or, as in this case, on Bradley Cooper's arm at the premiere of American Hustle. This subsequently leads to a Google K-hole of sorts with just one question in mind—"who is that girl?" 

So, that's how it all happened. 

And before we could even utter her name, she was suddenly the face of Burberry, on the cover of, like, every magazine ever and taking over the movie scene alongside Lily Collins. Brace yourselves for those Oscar ballots in 2015, you guys. Keep in mind this is a girl who was scouted at some random party when she was just 16-years-old and was likely dressed in some sort of "crop top and low-slung Miss Sixty jeans with zips in strange places." 

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We caught up with the lovely Waterhouse at the Sofitel in L.A. And unlike many mythical model behaviors, she arrived (before us, FYI) with a big smile and the kind of chill vibe that instantly makes you want to be her best friend. When we arrived in the suite overlooking the Hollywood Hills, Waterhouse quickly rushed outside on to the balcony to snap a photo (every opportunity is an Instagram opportunity, right?) and then delightfully played muse to our camera. 

"Here!" she said tossing her Polaroid at us. "Take some with this, too!"

As Waterhouse danced around the room, playfully posing on plush ottomans, she filled us in on her upcoming collab with Superga (stay tuned!), the secret to that porcelain skin (Burberry make-up, Creme de la Mer, Rodial, Kiehl's and Sisley for lips, plus Heal Gel for its “calming effects”) and a few things you won't find out if you Google her. 

"I have a mean roundhouse kick and my guilty pleasure? Deep fried pig ears!" she told us. "And my boyfriend and I share the same birthday!" Oh, and as for her stance on the whole Barneys vs. Bergdorf's debate? "Never been to either. I know!" Insert Cher-Horowitz's-face-when-she-finds-out-her-most-capable-shirt-from-Fred-Segal-is-at-the-dry cleaners here.

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