What Lies Beneath

On seasonally appropriate investment dressing.

Let's get one thing clear before we jump into the requisite ode to good lingerie that just so happens to be timed to a day in mid-February that starts with V and rhymes with Dalentine's Vay. We irrevocably refute the notion that you need a guy/girl/someone who you call your significant other in order to buy and subsequently wear beautiful, indulgent lingerie on the regular. And should the phrase, "but who will I wear it for?" have ever so much as left your mouth, allow us to explain.

Allow us to dial-back mentally to that one thing you do before you leave the house that sets the tone for the entire day. Maybe it's the spritz of that super pricey perfume you splurged on after day-drinking after a break-up... we mean, making a very responsible, adult financial decision. Maybe it's swiping on a layer of brick-red lipstick or ticking off the final flick of black liquid liner along your eyelid. Whatever it is, we're willing to be that it changes the way you walk, talk, and makes even the most seemingly innocuous of jeans and tees feel decidedly different, right? Lingerie is like that, only, like, 10 times better.

Surely you can fathom the difference between your stretched-out, baggy-in-the-butt cotton panties and a pair of full lace Fleur of England briefs with silk bows adorning each side, right? What about the contrast between your sweat-laden sports bra and a sheer triangle bra printed with polka dots? Yeah, we thought so. And so we present a few of our favorite pieces that can benefit even the most fully-built out of lingerie wardrobes (and yes, lingerie wardrobes are indeed a thing). Cause who doesn't want a lace balcony bra or your first-ever garter? And if you just so happen to unexpectedly get lucky, well, all the better. Oh, and don't worry—you can work your way up to the red sequin nipple tassels.

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