Britney Spears

Not. that. innocent. And neither are her sartorial choices over the years.

It's Britney, bitch.

We've seen the talented Ms. Britney Spears through it all - from the Mickey Mouse club to when she was not a girl, not yet a woman throughout the entirety of the year that was 2007 (Blackout was an apt album name, to say the least) up until now. And so to celebrate the release of her latest album, Britney Jean, (and as a bit of a belated birthday present), we thought we'd assemble some of tribute to Spears' sartorial stand-outs.

Where do we even begin? Would it be from the—there's simply no other word for it—epic David LaChapelle spread in Rolling Stone that served as her proverbial pop star coming out party? The now-iconic midriff bearing blouse, marabou pigtail holders, grey cardigan and tearaway sweats from "Hit Me Baby (One More Time)"? The '50's pin-up-meets-soda shop waitress in the video for "You Drive Me Crazy"? Oh, and can we talk about that time Justin and Britney (also known as the greatest celebrity couple of all time - sorry, Brangelina) gave a nod to one of our proudest exports (the Canadian Tuxedo, duh) in coordinating denim-on-denim-on-denim ensembles? That's not to mention her love of a latex tube top or that time she wore a boa constrictor as an accoutrement. Well played, Brit Brit.

It goes without saying that her memorable wardrobe choices (and malfunctions) go hand-in-hand with her how-could-you-forget performances. Please, don't even try to pass off re-runs of Crossroads and sing-a-longs of "Man, I feel like a woman!" If there is anyone who can make us consider playing both sides of the field and envy a "Madonna Makeout," it's her. 24-hour marriages, midriffs and "mmmm-yeahhhh" runs aside, Spears and her sometimes questionable style remains to do exactly what she likely set out to: Create a Circus-like frenzy to keep the critics (and, like, Us Weekly) watching.