Amanda Assad Mounser

Creative Director/Owner, Assad Mounser New York

If there's one thread that runs among our Coveteurs, it's hands down a love of heavily-edited living. And while we more often describe our more minimally-minded subjects as living like this, look no further than jewelry designer Amanda Assad Mounser for proof that maximalists can do the carefully curated thing too.

We arrived at Assad Mounser's apartment one afternoon to a full spread of macarons, and looking around, we were instantly envious of her Pinterest-ing studio-slash-showroom-slash-living room. From the over-stuffed color-coded bookshelves, Le Labo candles, killer vinyl collection and the artfully stacked and arranged frames on the floor and walls, Assad Mounser's taste in decor is perfectly aligned with the aesthetic of her chunky spiked and bejeweled cuffs and multi-layered bibs—see what we said about maximalists living edited?

"I guess you could say my décor is eclectic, which transcends to my closet," explained Assad Mounser—and trust us when we say that this girl knows what she likes. We found a plethora of black creepers and heavily-buckled boots, colorful Nike kicks, easy, breezy, busily-printed sundresses and rompers, and armfuls of silky, slouchy bomber jackets. Assad Mounser is that rare breed of girl who can impulsively grab one statement piece off of the racks of her local Zara or H&M and have it look entirely different than any other girl wearing it. Take that, plus a heavy dose of florals, one-of-a-kind pieces like the embroidered Nomia x Nate Lowman bomber she eagerly showed us upon our arrival, and you've pretty much got Assad Mounser's style. She humored us and changed into a perplexing-checkered coat-dress hybrid by Thakoon while we chatted about our mutual love of the Beckerman sisters—who just so happen to be two Cov-alums who only further expound our musings on the well-edited maximalist. Told ya so!