Béatrice Martin

Singer-Songwriter. Toronto

Our love for all things French is really no secret; so it goes without saying that it only took us about 30 seconds of being serenaded in the language of love at a Cartier dinner, before we decided the Francophone singer-songwriter needed the TC treatment. Fast-forward a few short weeks and emails later and we caught up with the French-Canadian, Béatrice Martin, just a couple hours before her performance that evening in Toronto. All in a day's work, right?

We got right down to business invading her travelling wardrobe of 50’s Bardot meets 80's punk pieces, and quizzing her on each and every one of her numerous tattoos. "I started getting tattoos a long time ago, when tattoos were part of a scene I wanted to integrate," she told us. "As a teen, you want to belong somewhere, and I thought I belonged there." Did you see that Alice in Wonderland, one? Kind of makes your forget the whole pain aspect and jump to the part sitting in some tattoo artist's chair. It also doesn't hurt that she's married to a tattoo artist, though.

Despite still being in her early twenties, the Québécois musician better known by her ‘nom de scène,’ Cœur de Pirate (to the lingually-challenged, that translates to Pirate’s Heart), is no newcomer to the musical game. She started to play piano at the age of three; you know, the age when most of us were still throwing food at the walls? To add her Mozart-like qualities, Martin enrolled in the Music Conservatory of Québec at the age of - wait for it - nine. Anyone else feeling slightly bad about their misspent youth?

In case you weren't already brushing off that old harmonica, take a listen or two to her ‘chansons française’ and we’re pretty sure you’ll get with the picture, er, song.


<i>Photography courtesy of Katie Henderson</I>


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