Anine Bing

Designer. Los Angeles

As we've said before, we maintain that we like to point our finger at Aimee Song for our recent fixation on all things Anine Bing. After spotting the quilted leather jacket of our dreams stashed among Song's stuffed suitcase, we were all, "where did you get that?!" and the blogger was more than happy to oblige the finer details. One Google-enabled investigation later, and before we knew it, we were off to Bing's Los Angeles home to explore the Danish designer, musician, model and mom's wardrobe.

Bing got right into playing dress-up with us, throwing on a few different looks while we raided her closet. Changing from a waffle-knit sweater and leather pants to a floaty white dress and a jacket of her own design; Bing's personal aesthetic extends to that of her label—and it doesn't exactly hurt that she wears it so well. As she told us, "I always start by designing something I really want in my own wardrobe! I only design what I wanna wear. If I love it, I feel confident that other woman will too." But like any good Californian girl, Bing knows how to mix things up, with plenty of pieces from Rag & Bone, CHANEL and her favorite vintage spots thrown in amongst wares from her eponymous label. As Bing said herself, "I love the flea markets here in L.A. I’m fascinated by the contrast between hard and soft, pretty girl and rock that pretty much perfectly encapsulates Bing's Scandinavian-meets-West Coast cool.

Yeah, it's not exactly a secret that Bing lived a former life as a model—we mean, have you seen those cheekbones?!—and judging by the extensive portrait session she had with our photog, Jake, while we buzzed around her home, she's still got it.


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