Molly McAleer

Television Writer & HelloGiggles Co-Founder. Los Angeles

"I don't have a garbage can. I just can't commit to one." Yeah—this is the kind of hilarity that comes out of Molly McAleer's mouth on a regular basis. Given her gigs as a writer for 2 Broke Girls and over at HelloGiggles (which she co-founded, along with Sophia Rossi and Zooey Deschanel), we can't exactly say that we're surprised. Having spent just a few hours with the girl who you may know better by her Twitter handle, @molls, we can completely confirm that she's every bit as funny IRL as she is online. Everything that comes out of her mouth seems like some genius crafted 140-character (give or take) tweet that you instantly Favorited or Retweeted.

“I was broke as a joke and twice as funny when I started. I mean, I had like $37 when I pulled up the first day [to 2 Broke Girls],” she told us. Note: She’s been blogging since age 11 back when probably LiveJournal was a thing.

McAleer greeted us with a giant bottle of Veuve Clicquot rose in hand, and an expertly arranged spread (what you know about that #spreadlife?). She regaled us with her tales of living, working and playing in Hollywood, while we played with her Chihuahua, Wagsandstuff. We perused her extensive nail polish collection and offbeat, one-of-a-kind tchotchkes; think of Molls' home as a little bit like a real-life Etsy store. Practically everything in McAleer's home and closet read as an extension of her larger-than-life personality, from her JFK-emblazoned pencil skirt to her Destiny's Child-era Beyoncé Barbie to her PeeWee Herman shrine; we like to think of it as a Molls' museum. Uh, best school field trip ever?

Our evening ended with Molls dressing up in full Opening Ceremony x Spring Breakers regalia (she practically has the entire collection, FYI). “OBVIOUSLY I’m a Candy a.k.a Vanessa Hudgens. You know, a buckwild pool slut ‘til I die,” she joked. She grabbed Jake and a bottle of Veuve and headed down to Sunset, where she proceeded to stretch out on the sidewalk pouring champs down her throat as passerby’s looked on. Welcome to the Molls show, kids!