Petra Nemcova

Model; President & Chairwoman, Happy Hearts Fund. New York

Petra Nemcova’s life was forever changed after surviving the 2004 Asian tsunami. The world renowned model created the Happy Hearts Fund, a charity that is dedicated to rebuilding schools and restoring hope in the lives of children after natural disasters. Nemcova is known for her editorial work as former face of Cartier and Clarins among many other high-end brands. But once you meet Nemcova, it’s clear her passion is philanthropy. Everything Nemcova does always comes back to her charities; the proceeds of her book “Love Always, Petra” went to children affected by the Tsunami, as do 10% of proceeds from her Be The Light New York products. We were completely inspired by her charity work and entrepreneurial attitude. Plus, it’s always refreshing to see someone using their position to do good and make a difference. Her home is an extension of her work and personality – thoughtfully calm, cool and collected with an artsy influence. It was like walking into a museum filled with “Do Not Touch” signs. We were itching to get inside her glass cabinet of “special crystals brought from the centre of the Earth,” which Nemcova was only the third person ever to touch. With every room we entered, we found ourselves ooh-ing and ah-ing over the quirky art by Peter Tunney, Robert Currant and the custom, hand-painted D&G jacket by Todd DiCurio. Nemcova said it best, “There are many elements of who I am that are expressed through my wardrobe and inside my apartment: artsy, elegant, sexy and business-minded.”


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