Noot Seear

Model & Actor. Los Angeles

The drive to Vancouver-born, L.A.-based model and actress Noot Seear’s home in the Hollywood Hills fittingly felt like something out of Twilight. Seear’s is vampire royalty after all (she played Heidi in New Moon and reprised her role again in Breaking Dawn), and as we drove around and around trying to find her little bungalow all we could see was black. When we finally reached the end of our haunting drive we were greeted by a glowing log cabin; we soon found out that glow was from a newly lit fire.

With Edith Piaf on the record player, we all sank into her massive couch that anchors her cozy living room. Like kids in a veritable candy store (only the candy was a whole lotta vintage, no really, like, everything vintage), our eyes darted between her cozy record nook (complete with a pink couch and haphazardly placed mirrors), a gun motif that kept popping up everywhere (her door locks are guns!), and a whole host of vintage furniture and clothing –including a pile she is hoarding for her future offspring. Needless to say they’ll be rocking that same off-duty model uniform of nonchalant cool (simple tee, skinny jeans, not a hint of makeup) that Seear’s pulls off without batting an eyelash.

So serious about vintage that Seear’s never let it slip once where her favorite vintage haunts are (“I’m not revealing my favorite, you’ll have to find them yourself!”). All we could get out of her was that most of them are in the valley and that she looks for velvets, silks and printed cottons, “everything should be handmade and the classic the better."

Surprised Seear’s is a music fanatic? Us neither. And if her recent collaboration with Keir Dillion to make the ideal set of headphones, Frends, isn’t indication enough, thumbing through her record collection we found a host of style icons in the form of Kurt Cobain, Debbie Harry and Stevie Nicks. It all makes sense now, doesn’t it.


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