Natasha Goldenberg

Stylist & Designer. New York New York

We’re not quite sure what it is, but we clearly have some sort of inexplicable infatuation with the Russian fash pack. We’ve already tackled Miroslava Duma, been keeping tabs on Lena Perminova’s transition to the not-so-dark-side and given The Coveteur treatment to Anya Ziourova, Perminova and Duma during Fashion’s Night Out with Ferragamo. We showed you what happened when we played dress-up, but we felt it was only fair to give you the full TC experience.

Before you go all crazy Googling her name, let us do the legwork for you: Goldenberg is part designer (wait ‘til you see her line of beanies, turbans and accessories, "Tzipporah"), part stylist, part consultant and full-time mom. We caught up with her and her adorable baby, Mishka, in the midst of New York Fashion Week at The Mark Hotel, where she was staying and got down to business.

We quickly fell in love with Goldenberg’s bubbly personality and instantly bonded over our shared aesthetic. We chatted with her about everything from the streetstyle scene, her signature style, (“One day I met Tommy Ton in Milan after all the shows. I was wearing sneakers, some huge coat, and a hat—and he said: “You have to wear sneakers for the shows, it’s your look!” I hate being too dressed up!”) and her habit of buying the same thing in multiple colors; admit it, we’re all guilty of doing it once…or twice.

And when it came to a certain Céline sweater (you know, the leather color-blocked one?), we just had to ask the story behind it. “This sweater costs a million and looks like a million,” Goldenberg coyly confessed. “One day my Mishka will wear it. I think it’s my Jewish nature to point out and discuss every expensive thing in my wardrobe,” she joked. And when it comes to Man Repeller-esque accessories like an Anna Dello Russo-approved topper, Goldenberg shared this word of advice: “Bad hair days, bad face days, bad outfit days—no one notices it if you wear a statement piece on your head! Some men don’t like them, but even mine got used to it after nine years!”



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