Maria Duenas Jacobs

Senior Accessories Editor, Glamour. New York

Welcome to Maria Dueñas Jacobs’ Greenwich Village residence, who acts as the Accessories Editor at Glamour Magazine (a company she’s been with for over five and a half years). We’re definitely suckers for anything monogrammed or initial-emblazoned, and nothing sets the stage more than something a little intriguing right before you walk into someone’s home. So when Mrs. Dueñas Jacobs invited us to her West Side abode, when we came face to face with her surname in black and white typeface outside her door – we knew we were hooked already. Freelancing as a stylist during college (she made her plaster dog Calvin look impeccably handsome in one of her fringe necklaces), she also spent her years honing her skills at places such as Proenza Schouler, Vogue, and PR Consulting, before setting up shop at Glamour, where she now oversees all the accessories sprinkled throughout the glossy pages. She’s a family girl at heart: her mom’s art is sprinkled heavily throughout her fourteen foot ceiling apartment, and after her sister landed at gig at Vera Wang, she’s the first to admit that her closet has certainly reaped the benefits of a sibling in fashion. She’s constantly rocking one of our favorite girls bracelets (Teen Vogue’s Mary Kate Steinmiller), and has one hell of an affinity for vintage statement jewelry…and it’s starting to become a problem. “I love big statement jewelry but my collection is threatening to take over my dresser. I’ve been trying to keep it as organized as possible in these trays, but I’m definitely growing out of them,” she says. “I sort everything by type - necklaces in trays, bracelets and rings in separate bowls. My dream is to own an antique map drawer where everything is perfectly sorted and on discrete display” states Dueñas Jacobs with humble honesty. But with shoes gifted directly from Mr. Louboutin himself, she’s going to have to give her other accessories (beyond her jewels) a compartmentalized home of their own. Stay calm everyone…there’s room for all.