Luisana Mendoza

Co-Founder, Runway to Green. New York

It's no surprise - we are fashion obsessed. Color, cut, fabrication, styling, designers...the whole gamut. But while we may work in the world of dressing up, we're definitely aware of what exists beyond our industry's bubble, and that is, well.... the world. Tomorrow marks Earth Day, the one official day of the year that is intended to spark everyone's awareness of the earth's natural environment. So, to help spread the word (besides being decked out in our favorite earth tones), we met up with Luisana Mendoza, the founder of Runway to Green, a company set up to help bridge the worlds of fashion and worldly consciousness. She's brought together some of the globes top designers (think YSL, Gucci, Prada etc.) and had them create an exclusive item for R2G. And, she's had some serious practice; she was Anna Wintour's assistant after all...fresh out of college mind you. The concept of Runway To Green gives the fashion industry, as a community, the tools to change their practices and to become more environmentally conscious. In essence, it's a way for fashion houses to make more substantial changes to their practices - with an eco-friendly twist. She's partnered up with NET-A-PORTER.COM, the official launch partner of Runway to Green. So you can buy these items online now months before they are available anywhere else. So, to celebrate today, we ventured inside Luisana's closet -and rest assured, we're suckers for a good cause. From The Coveteur to you, Happy Earth Day!


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