Lela Tillem Becker

Director of Sales and co-founder, Mother. Los Angeles

Yesterday we showed you the closet and home of Lela Tillem Becker's better (professional) half - Tim Kaeding - whom, together with Tillem Becker, launched Mother, a line of denim so perfectly fitting it's like our second skin...albeit a shade of blue. Tillem Becker, the former President of Sales at Citizens of Humanity (and Kaeding who was the head of design at 7 for all Mankind) created a new foray into the world of true blues by shying away from the notion of heritage jeans and in doing so, developed a concept that was a study in irony: creating a product that feels soft and nurturing yet presents itself as stark and sexy. Their concept "winks at the double entendres of what is, arguably, the second most powerful word in the English language” and we whole-heartedly second that notion. Like us, Tillem Becker is a collector of everything the one and only Ms. M creates (that’s Ms. Marant FYI). But it appears that Tillem Becker also has a soft spot for something a little unexpected. “I love Deer. I was obsessing on the movie Les Biches (The Does) by Claude Chabrol when I first saw a deer just like this one. It was at Curve in NYC and I begged Nevena (Curve owner and friend) to sell me hers but she could not part with it, so I went on a hunt to find one like it…and I did”. And how good does our new four-legged friend look rocking some killer gold bling? While she may have gone through a Chloé python phase and a Gucci phase (she certainly did some pocket damage with Frida’s Hysteria collection) right now, for her and for us, we’re all about this Mother! And of course their tag line is genius- MILF- Mother I'd Like to Film...


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