Julie Albert

Author, Publisher and Co-founder of BiteMeMore.com. Toronto

You may have noticed our Instagram feed is filled with just as much prosciutto as Proenza, and so it’s safe to say we are definitely equal parts foodies and fashion lovers. Cue cookbook author, collector and all-around genius, Julie Albert, who combines the best of both worlds.

Upon our arrival we were immediately swept into the kitchen, where Albert had set up a spread that included a mountain of white chocolate and cranberry cookies, mile-high brownies, and her beyond decadent french toast soufflé with candied Rice Krispies (wipe that drool off your chin!). Albert, her sister, Lisa Gnat, and Jane Apor released their self-published cookbook, Bite Me, in 2009. More recently, they came out with a follow up fittingly entitled bitememore.com. Neither are trained chefs (Albert’s sister is a lifelong home cook and did own a bakery), but both knew how to throw a good dinner party. The fashion/food/photography-obsessed ladies fused their three favorite things together...et voila!

Albert’s love for all things art and design spans far beyond her whimsical-themed food-itorials she styles for her website and book. When it comes to her personal collection, her wall of fame is filled with portraits of everyone from The Beatles to Salvador Dalí by artists like Frank Horvat and William Klein. “[For my husband and me] photos are the greatest gifts.”

Albert’s aesthetic transcends into her quirky home, which is filled with off-beat décor like oversized Heintz Ketchup bottles, plastic hamburgers, faux ice cream sculptures, gigantic green apples, a massive rainbow-coordinated Pez collection, and even a canvas with burnt toast (yes, it’s real!). Each room of her home is color-blocked and kind of candy-themed with little bowls of sour sweets in each to match the décor: Sour Watermelons in the mint-accent room, Fuzzy Peaches in the orange-accent room, etc.

“To me, food and art are one, working together, evoking feelings and memories,” she told us. “I love creating multi-sensory feasts.” Now, feast your eyes on this!


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