Emily Current

Stylist; Consultant; Entrepreneur. Los Angeles

Los Angeles-based stylist, consultant and designer Emily Current met her business partner in crime Meritt Elliott while they were both attending UCLA working towards obtaining their respective degrees in Sociology. While doing so, they realized their passions were more aligned with vintage shops and Karl Lagerfeld rather than Karl Marx and Durkheim. They joined forces, and set up shop as a styling duo - tackling California beauties one by one. Their no-nonsense work ethic and carefully trained eyes started capturing the attention of the music industry (they worked on Fiona Apple’s tour – just THAT alone makes them Coveteurable) and slowly but surely, the work started to flow in. They established themselves as MAUDE, a fashion alias they created, and have been tag-teaming the world of fashion for over a decade. We first noticed their boundary-pushing spreads in Nylon Magazine editorials, and when the "boyfriend jean" craze took over the world a few seasons ago, all fingers were pointed at Emily and Meritt for its uprising. How might you ask? Having shopped for denim for years and years and unable to find the perfect pair of jeans, they began buying vintage jeans, ripping them up, tailoring them to their exact specifications, resulting in a more modern fit. They would rock their DIY creations (Erica Domesek are you listening?) on set, and shortly thereafter, Reese Witherspoon, Katie Holmes, Mary Kate Olsen and Megan Fox were calling them up asking where they could get their hands on these unique styles that made a serious impression in an already oversaturated market. Hence, CURRENT/ELLIOTT was born - and is now flourishing with a line of casual outerwear. We visited Emily in her LA home and dug through her killer collection of cream lace dresses, Miu Miu 1990's geometric pumps, and of course, her overflowing collection of vintage American denim. But it's her father’s jean jacket from the late 50's with a hand-painted portrait of Fred Flintstone that is her most sentimental possession. Lesson learned? What starts with denim ends with denim…


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