Curtis Kulig

Artist. New York

Try spending a few minutes walking around SoHo with artist Curtis Kulig, and what would normally be a five minute stroll easily turns into twenty—simply due to the amount of people that either know or recognize this lower Manhattan face. He’s known for his ‘Love Me’ art, a globally loved tag that turned a passion project into a full-blown career. His triangular New York City loft resides directly above La Esquina (perfect for late night La Casa salads and Tina Tacos) and his pad is the ‘Love Me’ Mecca, a place where his famed quote is abundant and loud. As for how it got so popular? “I first did ‘Love Me’ in ’05,” Kulig told us. “I never thought it would become anything; now it's bigger than me. I hope it keeps growing. The end.” It’s just that simple! His style is classic (“white tee and jeans: easy breezy”) and filled with a major sunglass collection (“I like to find glasses or steal them from friends”). We shot Kulig on a piping hot day this summer, where we started out at his studio thinking it was his apartment and then with a little help from our friends, we finally found his crash pad. He filled us in on his recent laser eye surgery, spoke about his collaborations with Vans and Smashbox Cosmetics and showered us with stickers, pins and totes. While Coveteuring his closet, we even found some interesting noteworthy objects, including a watch that tells you what colour the Empire State Building is each month and why. Now, if only we could remember where he got it…


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