Chelsea Zalopany

Fashion Writer. New York

We’ve been longtime admirers of Sally Singer, the Digital Creative Director at Vogue, back after a brief tenure over at T: The New York Times Style Magazine, which she nabbed once Stefano Tonchi headed over to W (want to play “Masthead Musical Chairs” anyone…?). But we’ve been firm believers that behind every successful power player lies a dedicated team. And at only 23 years old, Chelsea Zalopany provides Singer with exactly that. As former interns, we love nothing more than a successful internship to working world story, and Zalopany’s little tale proves that hard work, dedication, and surrounding yourself with the right (and talented people) can do jumpstart your career in fashion. It all started while she began interning for Singer during her first tenure at Vogue. She was still in school at the time, and was chaotically thrown into this hectic world of 4 Times Square, working alongside veterans like Mark Holgate, Jane Herman, and Florence Kane. From the typical duties associated with fashion interns to bigger projects (she has a write up in Vogue’s September 2009 issue – MAJOR) her career in fashion editorial was blooming while she was still enrolled in school. She graduated early, and was brought on board fulltime as Sally’s assistant and a contributing features writer to one of our favorite fashion bibles. But when Singer moved to T, she brought Zalopany along for the ride, while still maintaining her role as the Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief. But her style is a result of the summative experiences (and settings) she encounters everyday. “Being around such strong-minded women, I take my cues from everyone around me. Some days I think I’m more of a minimalist, others I think I’ve got a cute boyish-girlie thing going on. And others are totally off-kilter and I’m in one hundred different vintage prints. I think I’ll just keep buying what feels right and hopefully have it all figured out in my 30’s”. Her style mixes pieces by Alexander Wang (she stocks up every season), her prized Balenciaga jacket (note: spilled coffee DOES add an element of personality to garments…. at least we tell ourselves that), and if we do say so ourselves, she looks like a knockout rocking her colorful Proenza Schouler frocks. Plus, as someone who has all access to Vanessa Traina’s hand-me-downs, you’re about to experience one hell of a closet. 


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