Chase Cohl

Musician; Owner & Designer, Littledoe Accessories. Los Angeles

Chase Cohl’s home was filled with the sweet smell of incense, oversized taxidermy, raw crystals, surrealist Salvador Dali-esque lip chairs, floral headpieces, guitar, banjos, ukuleles and of course, a kazoo. Oh, and did we mentioned she’s got a tepee pitched out back? In simple terms, Cohl is a modern-day flower child. Cohl practically grew up backstage, alongside names like The Rolling Stones and U2, thanks to her dad, legendary touring impresario, Michael Cohl (yes, the former chairman of Live Nation). “I am quite sure I wore pyjamas to my first 500 concerts (I was an infant), but I remember being about six and taking naps in the bleachers at Pink Floyd rehearsals in a full onesie.” Music and artistry is practically embedded in her DNA. During our shoot, Cohl serenaded us with melodic tunes on her guitar. In addition to her accessories line, Littledoe (more on that in a minute!), she’s also a talented folk musician. In fact, you can expect to hear some of that magical new stuff soon. “I am writing like a madwoman these days, working on a number of new musical projects,” Cohl confessed. Her musical influences collide with her fashion ones: Billy Gibbons, Bryan Jones, Robert Plant and Joni Mitchell. We could totally see them rocking her line, Littledoe, which consists of Native American-inspired hippie headpieces, raw crystal jewellery, adorned feather hats and floral lingerie. (Fun fact: Littledoe is a lake in Algonquin Park, Northern Ontario, Canada, where Cohl spent her summers as a child.) Her latest collection, “a complete kaleidoscopic acid-soaked mind trip,” is sure to take you on walk down Woodstock lane. Cohl’s Boho vibe is a modern take on the 60s: fringed Isabel Marant sweaters and booties, flowy, floral vintage dresses, whimsical floppy hats and lacy frocks. And with a wardrobe like this, Cohl is Coachella-ready at all times.