Charlotte Ronson

Designer. New York

Oh, to be a Ronson. While our dreams of becoming an extended member of this talented family aren’t going to happen anytime soon, our next best bet is, in our opinion, playing with their personal treasures. We went inside Charlotte Ronson’s NYC pad, where we got to witness first hand all the accessories and frocks that help make Ronson’s coveted style the definition of rock-and-roll-cool. Born in London and raised in New York, Ronson interned at places like Rolling Stone, Harper’s Bazaar and a myriad of fashion labels, where she began to hone her design skills. She began customizing her own vintage tees, her friends took notice, and shortly thereafter, she launched her first collection, C.Ronson – which eventually lead to her namesake collection of dynamic womenswear. She’s since collaborated with Urban Outfitters, JCPenney, and Uniqlo, and recently, she teamed up with Sephora for Charlotte Ronson Beauty – a line of cosmetics that channel the versatile designers aesthetic. “Prints are a big part of my design aesthetic, and a great floral will add that feminine and flirty quality that I’m always drawn to. They balance an otherwise edgy look,” says Ronson, who loves a good eBay find. But in her design process, it’s all about exploring different areas – from the rough around the edges East Village mentality to the sophistication of decades of the past. “I love exploring different eras when I design. Grunge has really become a singular influence, and I like exploring the nuances of the era. The Spring ‘12 collection is a modern take on the 20’s Victorian era. The demure details and soft color palettes are offset by denim and patchwork elements from the restless grunge decade”. But at the end of the day, it’s a family affair, and her apartment is adorned with jewelry designed by her mother, bags she’s ‘borrowed’ from her sister Annabelle and Tom Binns gems gifted by Samantha. Come on in and take a look around, and remember, look…don’t touch.


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