Britt Aboutaleb

Beauty Director, Who What Wear. New York

As far as fashion blogs go, Fashionista very well may have been the pioneer - bringing a slice of the global style trade to a means that was, and still continues to be, accessible by everyone. Britt Aboutaleb had spent three years at Fashionista, the height of digital fashion sources, where she edited and created original content that provided an insiders point of view into the world of up-to-the-minute fashion news. She hit the market at the right time, just as brands and fashion houses were starting to really notice (and implement) the importance of digital innovations. Blogs lead the way, and slowly, magazines began to adapt. So naturally, Britt made the move to the publication world, working with the team at ELLE Magazine, where she currently holds the title of Style News Editor for It's through their informative fashion lifestyle content and collaborations (including our joint project together, “Elle x The Coveteur”) that has established themselves as the highest visited off shoot of a printed publication to date. Her whimsical gems and stacks of nautical tees (and we always love a good Mickey Mouse tee sprinkled in) made her closet the perfect candidate to get The Coveteur treatment. Take a peek inside…


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